Solo exhibition "Halum" - Kibbutz Movement House Gallery - 13 Leonardo St. Tel Aviv

The exhibition dealt with the danger inherent in accelerated technological development and the tracing of man to God - genetic intervention of Western man with the help of IT and the computer, the most basic laws of nature and their engineering such as: the weather, genetic compositions in food, medicines, hybridization of different seeds, the emergence of artificial intelligence... and more

Dealing with the techno-evolutionary discourse, the effects of man on his organic environment and the introduction of artificial intelligence and free energy into human culture..

Curator: Miriam Bitman

Tel Aviv University

 with Tali Stern - "About Citizen Kane" The exhibition is set up for 6 months at the Faculty of Humanities - Tel Aviv University

Rothschild 5 Tel Aviv

Joint exhibition Daniel Rothschild Gallery 5 Tel Aviv

Project Agrippas 88

The artists' market is free in the Nachalot neighborhood in Jerusalem

Solo exhibition - "Cracked Horizon"

Hirsch Center in Jerusalem (Hirsch Theater - Beit Shmuel)
— Curator: Deborah Goldenberg

June 25, 2003
Jerusalem Municipality Contemporary
Stuck in 1903

The first solo exhibition that came to tell about the artist Vincent Van Gogh from 1903 Vincent Wanguch heralded the European Expressionism that reached its peak with the German Expressionism in 1927. As a 23-year-old young artist, I thought that 2003 was an acute year, since the exhibition was stuck in 1903, a hundred years ago.

June 12, 2003
Beginning of an academic degree
M.F.A - Bezalel Academy

2002 - Beginning of academic studies at Bezalel Academy of Higher Art in Jerusalem. Entrance to the academy was mixed for me. I was on a kind of waiting list for the "luxurious" academy, in the end they decided to admit me to the academy

In 2003 - first year in the academy
 I already went to my first solo exhibition
I decided to call her stuck in 1903 100 back

I graduated in 2007, the 100th cycle of the academy And then began an interesting journey the art field can sometimes be a cotton field Gentle and sometimes can be a stubborn and awkward prickly field What is certain is that the journey is interesting and fascinating.

January 18, 1979
Date of birth

Plastic artist Israeli Painter